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.gitignore and .dockerignore syntax highlighting plugin for lite-xl editor
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.*ignore syntax support plugin for lite-xl

Lite-XL is lightweight, fast and customizable open-source code editor.

This plugin adds extra syntax highlighting for such fyletypes:

  • .gitignore
  • .dockerignore
  • and any other .blablablaignore which has identical simple syntax rules.

Supported highlighting:

  • comments;
  • excluded (ignored) patterns;
  • included (not-ignored) patterns.

You can use any of these files to check how plugin works (just rename it to .gitignore or .dockerignore).

How to install

To install a plugin:

  • Drop language_env.lua file in:
    • Linux: ~/.config/lite-xl/plugins/
    • MacOS: ~/.config/lite-xl/plugins/
    • Windows: C:\Users\(username)\.config\lite-xl\plugins\
  • If lite-xl is already opened then Ctrl+Shift+P => rst => <Enter> to reboot editor's core and load plugin immidiately.


The MIT License